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Trump Goes Golf With Aides -- But No Golf Clubs -- Draws Comparisons To 'Gangs' And Ocean's Eleven

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Donald Trump was spotted on the green of his golf course in Virginia on Monday, sparking wild speculation that recent events were to blame in no small part.

The former president was seen in photos touring the Stirling grounds with a number of men, including Brad Enney, the club’s director of grounds. It appeared to indicate that he had inspected or toured his club’s golf course with someone from the Trump Organization.

“Working @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River today. What a great place!” he wrote to Truth Social.

Donald Trump speaks with aides and advisers at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia


But that wasn’t enough explanation for Twitter, where speculation began swirling early Monday morning after it was first announced that Trump was flying to the Washington, D.C. area.

Of course, the visit to DC occurred because Trump is believed to be the subject of two separate criminal investigations.

The former investigation dominated the headlines thanks to the unprecedented FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8, but the latter has been on a roll lately, with dozens killed on Monday. Subpoenas were issued to top Trump executives, and further developed.

Trump and son Eric were seen leading a convoy of golf carts


So while Twitter users made jokes and, in some cases, claimed seriously, the Sterling golf course meeting was in fact a secret rendezvous between Trump and his lawyers, or even more. had a more ominous explanation. Some have suggested that the president is trying to escape the prying eyes of the Justice Department, but this is a misleading hypothesis, stating that the Washington, D.C. area he needs or cannot hold such a meeting. You don’t seem to explain why you choose . east coast.

“It’s raining in Sterling, Virginia today, and it’s a private meeting, not a golf game,” tweeted one social media sleuth. “Who’s with him and why doesn’t he have a golf club?”

“So Donny Soprano and Da Boys got together at the Da Banda Bing Golf Club and there are some… problems,” quipped MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirshner.

Another Twitter user added:[t]His smack that he wants to have a reassuring conversation because the federal government isn’t listening.”

Even Trump’s former attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen joined the action.

Many people ask me why Mr. Mushroom Putter was at his DC golf course (which is actually in Virginia). He says he plays golf. My sources say he was meeting in secret with two of his lawyers and didn’t trust him to be in their office. PLEASE NOTE NO GOLF CLUB IN CART!!!” wrote a former attorney.

The Duty to Worn account tweeted. He didn’t play golf for the rest of the day. He looks like he’s plotting a conspiracy. Oceans like his Eleven reboot. ”

Mr Trump and his allies continue to argue that the string of investigations he is now facing is nothing more than an attempt to prosecute politically motivated individuals on his Florida property without government consent.