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OSF Jump Simulation Education Director Named Top 5 Emerging Training Leaders

Nikki Delinsky, DPN, RN

Nikki Delinski, Director of Education Operations, DNP, RN, OSF Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center In Peoria, Illinois, training magazine’s 2022 Top 25 Emerging Training Leaders all over the country. Delinsky further Top 5 Emerging Training Leaders Based on her nomination submitted by a colleague.

Training Magazine, the leader in professional development and training news, is a magazine and online website that advocates training and development as a business recognizes t every yearWe have produced many professionals who inspire and engage organizations with their strong leadership skills, business acumen, and innovation. The awardee has been in the industry from his 2nd year to his 10th year, demonstrating excellent leadership skills, business knowledge and training instincts.

Delinsky started as a critical care nurse scholar, product education specialist, and later served as director of clinical professional development for OSF Healthcare. She has been in her current role since February 2020, with a 13-member educational operations team and a standard-participant program of over 40-member actors specially trained for simulations. directly supervises the The team is involved in project development, scheduling, delivery, and evaluation, and supports all onsite simulation-based events as well as ‘in the field’ (onsite) events throughout the healthcare system.

In addition to leading Jump’s education operations, Delinski represents multiple task forces and workgroup simulation centers in promoting education and training for the OSF Department of Health Care. Her designee, Lisa T. Barker, MD points out: “

Dr. Barker applauds how Delinski worked with system leaders and educators to advocate and maximize the impact of using Jump’s simulation resources and technology.

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