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NBC SPORTS and PEACOCK feature the most-watched Sunday Night Football opener since 2015, with the Buccaneers Cowboys surpassing 25 million viewers

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Monday, September 12, 2022

NBC SPORTS and PEACOCK feature the most-watched Sunday Night Football opener since 2015, with the Buccaneers Cowboys surpassing 25 million viewers

NBC Sports’ Two-Game NFL Kickoff Weekend Achieves Highest Viewership in Six Years for NBC, Peacock and NFL Digital Properties

NBC NFL Kickoff Weekend Games are the two most-watched primetime shows on NBC and Peacock since ‘Super Gold Sunday’ in February

Peacock’s Bills-Rams NFL kickoff game is the most-streamed NBC NFL game on record (excluding Super Bowl LVI)

STAMFORD, Connecticut – September 12, 2022 – NBC’s sunday night footballThe No. 1 show in prime time returned last night for an unprecedented 11 consecutive years and continues to dominate the media landscape, registering a total audience delivery (TAD) average of nearly 25.1 million viewers. Largest audience for NBC’s Sunday night opener since 2015.

25.1 million viewers across NBC TV, Peacock, NBC Sports Digital, and NFL Digital platforms, based on preliminary data last year’s top SNF Opener 35% (Bears-Rams, 18.6 million) and Most-watched Sunday night opening in seven years (Giants-Cowboys, 26.9 million, 09/13/2015).

In conjunction with last Thursday’s NFL kickoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams, NBC Sports Largest two-game NFL kickoff weekend viewership since 2016 TAD average viewership is 23.4 million.

Among additional records and milestones:

  • The Bills’ 31-10 victory over the Rams averaged 21.7 million TAD in viewership. Fourth Straight NFL Kickoff Game Surpasses 21 Million Viewers.

  • The two games are ranked as follows TV’s two most-watched prime-hour shows since NBC Sports’ historic “Super Gold Sunday” on Feb. 13 Following the Super Bowl LVI, live coverage of the Winter Olympics will follow.

  • Thursday night’s opening, led by Peacock, Most streamed NBC NFL game on record (Except Super Bowl LVI). The game hit his average viewership of 1.74 million on Peacock, NBC Sports Digital and NFL Digital Properties.
  • Last night’s game delivered an AMA for 1.65 million viewers – NBC Sports’ Record of the most streamed NFL games on Sunday nightAcross the two games, NBC Sports’ AMA of 1.7 million viewers increased 34% from last year.
  • Last night’s game (8:23pm – 11:08pm ET) had a national TV household rating of 12.3/31, up 28% from last year’s Sunday night opener (9.6/23) .
  • Audience numbers are based on Nielsen data ( SNF) and Adobe Analytics. NBC’s official national data for Sunday will be available tomorrow.

Buccaneer – top meter market for cowboys (based on 44 available markets):

3.San Antonio20.2/45
Five.Kansas City16.2/36
Ten.washington dc14.1/37

Bills-RAMS Top Metered Market (based on 56 markets):

1.buffalo45.2/76 orleans19.4/35
3.Kansas City17.0/39

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