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Loons lose 2 points at home in 1-1 draw with LAFC – Twin Cities

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Loons captain Will Trapp spoke Monday about the importance of not resting for a second during the stretch runs leading up to the MLS Cup playoffs.

On Tuesday, Trapp’s midfield partner Kelvin Arriaga was erratic on a high-press for just a few moments, and a Honduran erroneous move saw former MLS MVP Carlos Vela give the Mexican a magical left foot. Use to create the equalizing goal in a 1-1 draw with Los Angeles FC at Allianz Field.

A brief disappointment saw the Loons lose the win and three points after Brent Cullman’s first-half header gave Minnesota a 1–0 lead.

Kalman said he was “nervous” about Vera’s build-up to goal. “We lost a little bit of Discipline on Shape. … He’s just one of those moments when the game gets a little crazy. ”

Goals and points could prove valuable in early October as Minnesota slipped down the playoff standings after three straight losses. However, they lost a point from their winning position at home.

Minnesota (13-12-6) has made a slight improvement to move into fifth place with 45 points, but top-ranked LAFC (19-8-4, 61) continues to fall behind its once-furious pace.

United desperately need a player to finish a corner from Emmanuel Reynoso this season and in the 45th minute Kalman got up and nodded at home Reynoso’s corner. In the 2-1 win against Houston on August 27, he set a scoreless record of 321 minutes in the closing stages. Loons’ longest record in his MLS era was his 357 minutes from his June debut in 2017 and his July. Season.

Two yellow cards made a big impact on the match.

Reinoso was yellow carded in the 88th minute for needlessly grabbing an LAFC player 70 yards from the goal. Minnesota’s valued midfielder will be suspended for yellowing his card in an important game at Sporting’s Kansas City on Saturday.

MNUFC manager Adrian Heath was furious that LAFC striker Cristian Arango was given only one yellow card in the first half. After being carded for a tackle by Reinoso in the 36th minute, play was suspended and the whistle was blown, but Arango kicked the ball in the 41st minute. Many Loons players and Heath barked for a second yellow card for wasting time and sending off.

“I still don’t know why Arango didn’t get a second yellow card, but it’s LAFC so they don’t seem to have the same rules as other teams,” Heath said at halftime on The CW. “Everyone knows it should have been a second yellow card…the only one who didn’t do it was the referee,” said Tim Ford.

Heath was restless after the game.

Cullman was later asked what it was like for a kid from Woodbury to play against superstar Gareth Bale, and he relayed his answer to Arango.

Speaking about the clashes between Real Madrid and Tottenham against the stars, Kalman said: “I don’t care. I care, then I care.”

Kalman said it was “human nature” for the referee to worry, given that Arango had already received a warning. “But it wasn’t[Ford’s]choice. It was Arango’s choice to kick the ball away. He did it to himself. Any other player there will be yellow. Of course. “Everyone will be disappointed that he wasn’t sent off.”


Loons winger Robin Rodd was sidelined at half-time with a calf injury. Finns will be further evaluated on Wednesday. … Minnesota is without attacker Franco Flagpain and LAFC is missing defender Ryan Hollingshead. Both have been suspended for recent cards. Fragapane is eligible for the away game in Kansas.…Members of his Gophers men’s basketball team were on row seven and his row eight in The Wonderwall supporter section just behind the south goal on Tuesday. … twin Cuban legend Tony Oliva won the Loons Hispanic Heritage Game coin toss award.