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Legal Technology Trends – Insights from 751 Legal Experts

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A survey of future-ready lawyers: New and improved Legal Technology capabilities are driving greater resilience, improved client relationships, and improved performance in many organizations across European and US industries. 63% of technology-leading law firms report improved profitability in the past year. This is higher than any other law firm. .

Fourth year at Wolters Kluwer A survey of future-ready lawyersit is clear that technology continues to be a key differentiator for high performance in the legal sector, and demand continues to grow.

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2022 Investigation We have identified industry trends in Europe and the United States that demonstrate:

  • Technology is becoming increasingly important across law firms and corporate legal departments.
  • Technology is a key factor in how legal departments select and retain companies.When
  • Increased use of technology is one of the major changes expected in both legal departments and law firms.

The need for technology as the primary driver of increased performance, efficiency, and productivity is undisputed. However, organizations struggle to optimize their use of technology and signaling. Change management still needs improvement New tool training.

Increased use and investment in technology solutions is projected to continue and even further into 2022. Facing higher workloads and budgetary constraints, corporate legal departments are turning to technology to automate their work and improve productivity. Faced with changing client expectations, productivity demands and increasing competition, law firms are also looking to technology for help.

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The data are clear. Technology leaders—organizations that use technology most effectively—are successful. Each year, we outperform other organizations on several key metrics, demonstrating why investing in and applying the right technology is important.63% of technology-leading law firms reported Their profitability has increased over the past year – more than any other company.

By 2022, 54% of organizations will identify themselves as technology leaders, and 44% will be in transition. The number of organizations recognized as Technology Leaders has increased over the previous year (40% for him in 2021 and 39% for 2020). Technology leaders have demonstrated resilience, agility, and performance in a pandemic and a rapidly changing legal environment.

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Lawyers want to work for tech-savvy legal organizations. Eighty-seven percent of corporate lawyers and 83 percent of law firm lawyers say it is extremely or very important to work for a technology-rich organization. Today’s workforce has very high expectations of access to modern tools and technology that enables agility, change and the ability to work remotely.

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