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Duquesne winces in second half with nonconference draw

Duquesne returned to the road to continue his program-best mark, but instead a late goal sent him back to Pittsburgh in the first draw, 1-1 at Wright State Tuesday night.

“I think we need to learn from games like today,” Duquesne coach Chase Brooks told PSN after the game. I think we were leading 1-0, but overall it wasn’t the best game, they kept pressing, they got the chance at the end and they took it, they took the chance We have to do better.”

The draw takes Duquesne to six games without a loss, one away from a 2019 team in program-best totals. Duquesne entered Tuesday’s game as one of eight teams without a draw or loss.

Duquesne’s goal was scored on a corner set-piece, and Torge Witteborg scored for the second consecutive contest. This was his third goal of the season, and this tally came in his 13th minute.

Nate Dragicic scored the lone assist and became the fifth helper of the season.

Duquesne has had consistent success in set pieces. Brooks expressed the importance of confidence in addition to size and service, and he feels he puts his team at risk every time he takes the field.

“What proves where we are right now is the strength of our defense,” Brooks said. “Our ability to sacrifice and work hard for each other. The ability to score goals in different ways is important. We are making things happen.”

Duquesne’s defense was strong until the 34th minute when he conceded the first shot on goal. The Dukes allow three more looks on goal during the half.

Ultimately, Duquesne flinched in the 86th minute when Brady Shapiro scored a corner kick.

“When you have an unbeaten season, things are going pretty well in front of goal and you are scoring goals. It’s a wake-up call that shows.” Brooks said. “We have to represent ourselves well and strive for high standards. We can’t make the playoffs.”

For the fourth straight game, Duquesne had an outshoot. In this example, the overall margin was 15-9 and 6-2 on goal.

Although the shot tells one aspect of the story, Brooks said he was more disappointed by the lack of urgency and certainty in ending the game.

“This shows that we haven’t done enough with the ball either,” he said. “Any team shoots. The fact that we’re beating me shows we’re not where we need to be to create opportunities going forward. We certainly have the ability and the people.” So that’s our challenge over the next few weeks.”

Duquesne is about to turn the page as he kicks off Saturday’s Atlantic 10 game against Loyola Chicago.

“I don’t think there will be a big change for us,” Brooks said of the move to conference play. We understand that we have to play no matter what, and we will continue to have that confidence to live up to our principles.”

Match day information

Duquesne Starter (5-0-1) – Domenic Nasinben (GK), Christopher Viangel, Jesper Moxnes, Torge Witteborg, Maxi Hopfer, Jacob Kasha, Harper Cooke, Anthony Harding, Nate Dragicic, Ask Ekeland, Cameron Territ

Wright State starters (0-3-3)- Saul Fernandez, Pearson Davis, Conor Osterholt, Jon Lyham, Presten Muncy, Jacob Adams, Brock Pickett, Cole Worthmuller, Reese Aalborg, Kobe Perlasa, Guillerm Pipollo (GK)

Goals – Torge Witteborg DUQ 3rd 13′, Brady Shapiro WSU 1st 86′

Yellow cards – Presten Muncie WSU 27′, Anthony Harding DUQ 38′, Logan Mack DUQ 70′, Brock Pickett WSU 77′, Ade Akinjobin DUQ 80′, Tate Morney DUQ 88′, Saul Fernandes WSU 89′

road notes

Ade Akinjogbin played 43 minutes in Tuesday’s draw. It was a season high and a record since the team’s Road He contest on September 12, 2021 in Kentucky.

Akinjobin started as a starter last season, appearing in four of Duquesne’s first five games as a starter, but his minutes have dwindled and, ironically, in last year’s regular-season finale he lost to Wright State. It was the 13th minute when we played against the university.

The London, England native started his season playing a minute for Robert Morris and has been working his way up ever since.

“It’s about having the ability to defend and grind the ball,” he said. “He’s doing a lot of little things right now and that’s what’s great about this team. He’s stepping up like everyone else and it’s great to see that.” understanding and the confidence to do it.”

Jacob Kasha made his first career start with Duquesne in this contest, which Brooks cited as a reward for his goal in Saturday’s contest against Howard. and saw a favorable match against senior captain Maxi Hopfer, who joined the Australians. Elmer Jonsson has missed the last two games due to injury, but Brooks remains optimistic about his progress and will be back soon. Hoping to return to the lineup. Jonsson started each of the team’s first four contests…both senior goalkeeper Domenik Nasinben and freshman Ask Ekerand earned A-10 honours. The former won Defensive Player of the Week, while the latter won Co-Freshman of the Week. Naxinben recorded two shutouts and made 13 saves in the process, while Ekeland scored three goals to tie Witteborg for the team’s highest points total.