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Broncos' Nathaniel Hackett 'should've done it'

of Broncos signed Russell Wilson $245 million extension just two weeks agoFollowing his Denver debut, fans can’t help but feel that the star quarterback’s first game check was wasted on Monday night’s game. 17-16 loss to Seattle Seahawks.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett suggested attempting a 64-yard field goal 40 seconds off the clock rather than leaving the perennial pro bowler to change the fourth and fifth innings with one minute remaining and three timeouts remaining. selected. pushed a little to the left of upright. This is a decision his first-year coach in Denver defended immediately after the game.

Hackett took a more disappointing tone on Tuesday.

“In retrospect, I definitely should have,” he said. “That’s one thing you look back on and say.” But in that situation, we had a plan. [yard line] was the landmark. … [Wilson] throw it in javonte [Williams]Javonte made the move and went much further than we expected and expected it on 4th down, but you hit the mark.”

Hackett has two chances to change the call after using timeouts to regroup personnel and after Seattle used timeouts to freeze Broncos Brandon McManus, who missed a practice attempt. did. Instead, Hackett let the veteran kicker line up again from a distance he had never converted.

Statistics and information by ESPNSince 1960, only 2 of 42 field goal tries have been made from field goals of 64 yards or longer in the NFL.

Perhaps the failure can be attributed to Hackett’s first time as head coach. But in the mind of “Speak” host Emmanuel Acho, the call was rooted in a lack of confidence in the Broncos’ new franchise QB.

“Wilson was trying to convince the world that he was a man and had always been a man.” Think about Russell Wilson’s former teammate, future first ballot Hall of Famer Richard Sherman.Remember what Richard Sherman said about him?Like “Let Russ cook.” . You couldn’t win the Super Bowl with Russ cooking, and you couldn’t get close to the Super Bowl with Russ cooking.

“So his old teammates don’t believe he’s a man. His former coach Pete Carroll didn’t believe he was a man. That’s why he called him That’s what got him to walk away.That’s why we cut to his new head coach, Nathaniel Hackett.New owner, new city, new stadium, new coach.Nathaniel Hackett: Do you think Russ is the man? 4th and 5th, 46 yards line, 23 seconds left, give it to the $24 million kicker instead, no matter how I look at it, people around Russell Wilson don’t believe he’s a man. Clearly not.”

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