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The private villa inspired by Zaha Hadid is located on her private artificial island, and is designed to be sustainable

There is nothing ordinary about Villa G02 by MASK Architects. It is located on its own man-made island, far from the mainland and connected by one road. Spread over an area of ​​9,000 square metres, the villa is an all-encompassing luxury retreat. The architecture has incredibly curvilinear shapes, as you can see from Zaha Hadid. It doesn’t seem practical because it doesn’t need to. G02’s sole purposes are to be an architectural decoration for its residents. The villa has its own heated pool, conference spaces, and health and fitness centers that include everything from tennis courts to Turkish baths. The most impressive part? G02 is designed to be an eco-friendly, energy-saving, sustainable and environmentally sound artificial paradise.

Designer: MASK Architects

Unmistakably a guitar from above, Villa G02 boasts iconic architecture that is instantly recognizable and sets itself apart. However, the strangely curved structures of the villa are not just a coincidence. Every curve and surface is calculated, as the design hopes to achieve environmental sustainability by creating an environment that uses nature to its advantage. “Instead of creating one large building, we chose to create smaller separate buildings. This has its own function to be more energy efficient and also to create private areas on the island,” the architects said.

Built in Egypt, the designers had to create a structure that could overcome the hot climate that characterizes the country. The architects relied on natural resources such as wind and water, directing them through the building’s forms, to create a milder marine climate. The island and its buildings effectively channel the winds into the main parts of the land, with buffer zones that capture cool air and palm trees serving as windbreaks. Strategically placed water pockets also take in and humidify the dry air, making it more refreshing and cooling for the residents as it passes over the water and into the property’s various buildings.

Speaking of the different buildings of the property, G02 consists of a main building for the client and residents, with smaller outbuildings for private guest suites. Skylights will be built in all buildings to ensure that as much natural light as possible is used during the day, reducing reliance on electricity and artificial lighting in the first half of any day.

The gem of G02 is the heated outdoor pool which offers a stunning panoramic view of the ocean from one end, and a recreation area with chaise longues for people to relax on the other side of the pool.

Other facilities at G02 include Turkish baths, saunas, hydromassage showers and massage rooms. A separate fitness area also includes a yoga studio, a glass meditation deck, an indoor gym, and a tennis court. Additional activity areas include a game room, library, home theater, bar, rooftop terraces, cinema, outdoor spaces with private fires, event and party areas, and conservatory tea garden with indoor pool and seating areas.

G02 can be accessed by a single road that connects it to the mainland, although the island comes with its own docks that allow visitors to reach across the sea in their boats and yachts. It looks good, given the layers of people this is designed for. I’m surprised there is no helipad on this!

G02 is just a concept proposal at the moment. A scheme designed to serve as a template for a future project or endeavor, just in case any billionaire decides to spend a good chunk of their money trying to build this paradise. At least they will save energy costs, am I right??