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Billy McCullough 'has no plans to cancel the wedding' but thinks fiancé Andy Carroll is an 'idiot'

Billy McCullough has reportedly told friends she has no plans to cancel her wedding to soccer player Andy Carroll, after he was photographed “in bed” with a bar manager in his chair.

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Andy Carroll and Billy McCullough at the Pride of Britain Awards 2015

Billie McCullough is said to have told friends she wouldn’t cancel her wedding to fiancé Andy Carroll – despite calling him an “idiot” for being photographed “in bed” with another woman.

The former TOWIE star, 34, is said to be planning to get on with their big day, but the soccer player is ‘in the kennel’ after a photo surfaced of him being ‘in bed’ with bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkie, 27, during his tumultuous time. Dubai stag do.

Yoga teacher Bailey, who was celebrating her role in the UAE last week, is said to be angry about the situation, but believes the photo was set up to make him look bad.

A friend told MailOnline: “Billy thinks he’s an idiot, and her entire friendship group feels the same.

It is reported that Billie McCullough told her friends that she would not cancel her wedding to fiancé Andy Carroll



Andy is pictured in bed with a bar manager on a stag

“They cannot believe he put himself in this position, and they are convinced that he did.

“But if anything else comes up, that could change. Andy is definitely in the kennel, that’s for sure.”

Mirror Online has contacted representatives for Billi and Andy for comment.

The former TOWIE star was partying with her bridal party when her husband Andy and a group of his friends had the gate smashed by the stag party.

Billy has since returned home.

Former England striker Andy, 33, enjoyed a fun day of partying with pub manager Taylor of Scarborough – who looks like a blond Billy – after he traveled to join his future wife.

Taylor was pictured in the soccer player’s bed and gown after he invited her back to his hotel room for an after-party.

Taylor Jane Wilkie appeared in a soccer player dress

Billy and Andy have been together for nine years


Getty Images)

Billy’s friend spoke of Andy’s “embarrassing” behavior, especially since the wedding was just around the corner.

“It’s all very embarrassing with the wedding approaching,” they told The Sun.

Andy met his wife last week before she returned home with her buddies.

Two days after her departure, the former Newcastle and West Ham player had his own celebrations.

Andy and his co-workers spent the day drinking with Taylor in Cove Beach around noon, before inviting Taylor and her friends to join them at a different bar.

The group then ventured to his hotel room to continue the party.

Billy and Andy had traveled to Dubai for their chickens and elk before their wedding


billimucklow / Instagram)

Friends say the couple don’t have any plans to call the wedding



Pictures from the night were shared on Snapchat, with shots of Andy looking worse in terms of wear and one of Taylor wearing his custom gown.

Although Bailey broke her silence, Taylor insists the night was “just a little bit of totally innocent fun.”

She told the newspaper that the photo was taken on Wednesday evening as a “joke”.

The bar manager confirmed that she was partying with Andy and her friends before returning to his room.

Taylor said, “It was an after party. We all went back to his hotel. It was me, Andy and my girlfriend.”

“I didn’t sleep with him, it wasn’t like that, we were three in the room.

“It was a full day and night of drinking, we’ve been in Cove Beach for 12 years, it was a really tumultuous day. Andy was so steaming, we were all drunk.”

It is said that Billy thinks Andy has been set up



Explaining what happened when they returned to the hotel suite, Taylor said they “played some music before Andy went to bed and lost consciousness”.

She said she was there with her friend “until the early hours” and took the photo as a joke because her colleagues back home were urging her for the inside information.

Taylor insists that nothing sexual happened and was “just a little kidding”.

Speaking of wearing his robe, Taylor claimed she wanted to sleep, so she took off her dress in the shower before putting it on.

Taylor concluded, “At the end of the day, nothing happened that would ruin his relationship. It was just a little fun.”

Andy and Bailey are set to marry in the next two weeks. They share two children together.

The Mirror has contacted both Billi and Andy representatives for comment.

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