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4 things to do before selling your Windows PC or laptop

Selling a used PC is not an easy task. You need to keep your personal information out of the way, but you also aim for the best possible deal. Therefore, it is important not to slip your finger through.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you sell your old PC with confidence and buy it at a reasonable price.

1. Back up your computer

Since you need to delete your personal data from your computer before you sell it, you need to first make a backup of your files so that you can restore them to your new device. Do not rely on local backups as your Windows PC will need to be factory reset. It wipes out any local backups you may have.

Therefore, if you backed up your data to the same drive where Windows is installed, you need to move the backup to either the cloud or an external drive.

Follow these steps to back up your files to an external device in the correct way.

  1. Go to setting Right click on Windows start button.
  2. click Updates and security..
  3. In the left sidebar, backup..
  4. under Back up using file historyclick Add a drive..
  5. Select the external drive where you want to save the backup.

If you follow the steps above, you will see new options. Automatically back up filesWill turn on soon.

Then click More options, Back up these folders The list contains folders to back up, so click Backup now..

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Depending on the amount of data on your hard drive, the process may take some time. Don’t panic if you don’t see the progress bar. In most cases, it is unlikely that you will see a progress bar. If you hear the external drive spinning, it means that the files have been backed up.

After the same Backup now The options will reappear and you can proceed to the factory reset of your Windows computer to confirm that your data has been backed up.

2. Reset your Windows PC to factory defaults

A factory reset erases all data from your hard drive and restores your computer to its original state. It is recommended to reset the device and erase everything to prevent new owners from accessing the data stored on the drive.

You can reset your Windows PC or laptop by following the steps below.

  1. Right click on Windows start Click the button to select setting..
  2. Move to Updates and security..
  3. In the left sidebar, recovery menu.
  4. under Reset this pc Click on option let’s start..
  5. select Delete everything Erases all data, including personal files. (If you want to keep your personal files, select the first option. Please save my fileIn Reset this pc It’s a window, but I don’t recommend it)

  6. Select the second option. Delete files and clean up the driveIn the next window.

Depending on the option you select, the reset process will begin or Windows will display a final warning about what will be removed during the reset.Click when ready reset Click the button to start the process.

In addition, depending on the type of drive you are using and other computer specifications, it may take several hours to complete a proper reset. Therefore, you can make your own coffee cup while your PC is reset.

When the reset is complete, your computer will look like new. Buyers can set up their own devices by notifying them that the device has been factory reset.

3. Check if the component needs to be replaced

High-performance computers that run smoothly are not only easy to sell, but also sold at a high price. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you do not need to replace the components of your Windows PC before listing them for sale.

If not done in advance, the buyer may find that the hard drive, RAM, or similar components are likely to fail. He can break the deal and cause you more embarrassment.

There is a detailed guide on the tests you need to perform before you buy a used PC. You can run tests as a seller to make sure you don’t need to replace anything.

If a component turns out to be defective, you don’t have to worry about additional replacement costs. Given the embarrassment it brings, it’s worth the extra burden in advance.

Once you’ve backed up your files, reset your computer, and confirmed that you don’t need to replace components, you’re ready to sell your device. However, if you need a reasonable price, use a new look to make your laptop stand out.

4. Give your laptop a new look

No matter how robust your computer hardware is, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look attractive. Unattractive PCs and laptops are difficult to sell and you have to work harder to win the trust of your buyers.

The bottom line is that if your laptop is covered with dirt or dust from top to bottom, the laptop port is clogged with debris, the screen is covered with spots, the dust is blocking the speaker’s voice, and the casing. Is being scratched by the whole. It’s time to give it a new look.

You will probably find hundreds of DIY laptop cleaning videos. You can also refer to a detailed guide that covers various cleaning tips to make your laptop look new. Remember that you spend a little time cleaning your laptop so you can sell it at a good price in a short amount of time.

Choose the right marketplace to sell your used Windows PC or laptop

By following the steps above, you should be able to confidently hand over your used laptop to the new owner. In addition, updating the look increases the chances of a better deal, but it’s just as important to choose the right market when selling laptops.

The marketplace should provide a safe way to list and sell your products to ensure you get the best bargains. Selling laptops on eBay is one of the best options, but before that, use eBay’s pricing tools to determine the right price. Otherwise, it may be demolished.

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